Our Miracle Blessing: Baby Kate

After adopting seven wonderful blessings, we were thrilled to find ourselves 15 weeks pregnant on our 15th Wedding Anniversary with "Our Miracle Blessing"!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Home Is Where The Heart Is...

Finally HOME!!!!

Queeny was watching all of the kids... they were anxiously waiting in the family room for our arrival... I let Pat carry in Baby Kate in her car seat and hurried in to see the twins... Much to my surprise, they didn't punish me for being away... they were very interested in seeing the baby and were busy repeating, "Baby, baby" over and over... they were much more interestedinseeing their baby sister than me...I don't blame them... instead, I grabbed the camera and took the following photos!!!

Once they saw her and the "newness" wore off, Sarah wanted me pick her up and hold her... since I wasn't allowed to pick up more than 10 pounds, I asked her to go with me to sit in a chair that was less than a few feet away... this infuriated her... she wanted me to pick her up right then and there... I went and sat in the chair and encouraged her to come over... she was not happy, but eventually allowed me to hold her in the chair... meanwhile Anna was busy playing with her siblings and payed very little attention to me... funny, I thought it would be the other way around, with Sarah ignoring me and Anna wanting attention...

I was thrilled to discover that all of the girls had their hair brushed, everyone had brushed their teeth, and all were fed... the only thing left to do before the baptism was to put on their outfits!!!

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