Our Miracle Blessing: Baby Kate

After adopting seven wonderful blessings, we were thrilled to find ourselves 15 weeks pregnant on our 15th Wedding Anniversary with "Our Miracle Blessing"!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Four Weeks Ago...

Our Miracle Blessing was born!!!

I still can't believe she is here and now four weeks old!!!

I bet she has been is someone's arm, usually mine, about 22-23 hours a day... since birth....she has been in her papasan cradle swing three times- not for longer than 10 minutes... all she has to do is make a peep and she is picked up... and she has been fed on her demand except during the night when I would wake her every 3+ hours... she almost immediately falls asleep after latching onto my breast... up until yesterday, she would cry when her clothes were changed... she briefly falls asleep and wakes when she is put down... her favorite sleeping position is in the crook of my right arm, laying on her left side, snuggled up against my right side and breast feeding... unless she has gas, she almost immediately falls asleep when in this position... I obsessively make sure the covers are no where near her and only sleep in a tee shirt to make sure fabric is not near her face... she is not a fan of "tummy time" so she only does it when I am laying on the bed and she can lay across my tummy and I pat and rub her back...

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