Our Miracle Blessing: Baby Kate

After adopting seven wonderful blessings, we were thrilled to find ourselves 15 weeks pregnant on our 15th Wedding Anniversary with "Our Miracle Blessing"!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

8 Weeks!!!

What a blessing...

In honor of this milestone, I am inviting a few close friends to view this blog for the first time... just 4 friends Jenya, don't worry!!!

I need to go back and add additional details to the earlier posts, but no time for that now-lol...

I actually feel less nauseated today- after a weekend of yuck... can't wait for the next ultrasound a week from Thursday- yes, I'm so paranoid something is going to happen, but I have passed the almost 7 week mark where our precious baby from 2003 went to heaven...

Last Tuesday, I went for my 1st Perinatologist appointment... It was wonderful... I hand picked my favorite doctor from the Perinatal Center went I visited with Sarah and Anna... My doctor is Dr. Bartlesmeyer and goes by Dr. B.

The highlight was an abdominal ultrasound where he showed me our baby and said it had a fast heartbeat of @ 140- which was perfect... He also said I could come in any time I am nervous... I'd really like to go tomorrow, but will wait until my appointment a week from Thursday...

I'm still napping for an hour or two each afternoon and having trouble eating- the smells are out of this world terrible!!!

My clean clothes do not smell fresh enough, so I bought some Downy Dryer Sheets- only to discover on the way home, that smell makes me nauseated as well... I guess I'll try Bounce Sheets next- I used to like the smell of those...

Patrick asked me point blank last Saturday, the 7th, if I was pregnant again... I tried to joke with him and not answer, but no luck... He said it was my "SeaBands" for nausea that gave it away... Patrick's next question was... "Where did you go?" as in California for Sarah and Anna... I replied, "no where.." He looked at me inquisitively and said, "So...it just happened???"  I smiled and replied, "It just happened..." Patrick replies "oh... OOOOHHHHHH!!!!"  I couldn't help but chuckle as I watched him process what he learned in Health Class had happened between his parents...poor kid... Next question from Patrick, "Does Dad know?"  As I was chuckling to myself, Patrick muttered to himself, "Of course Dad knows..."  Patrick wanted to tell William, who was at a soccer game, but agreed to let me tell him first... I explained that we wanted to wait until we were pretty sure this baby was going to survive before telling the little kids... I think I will see how things go at the appointment on the 26th, if Dr. B thinks all looks good, then maybe tell them that weekend- school will be out, so I won't have to deal with all of the parents in the kids classes if they have questions...

I also want to give Pat credit for reading up on morning sickness... twice now he has mentioned that severe morning sickness can be a sign of a girl... to which he added, "FIVE GIRLS!?!?"  Tonight he mentioned hosting another wedding...He also asked if I was this sick last time- I reminded him I was actually worse, but don't think he was paying much attention at the time...

It is almost 10 pm and I'm exhausted!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011


Pat just asked how is that little peanut in there, with a big grin on his face and tears in his eyes... He said he is feeling pretty cool and that his guys must have finally reached maturity at 43 and finally found the target... so cute and sweet... I'm loving every minute of it... We also discussed if it happened the easy way at the beginning- we never would have done it the other way- adopted... I'm so grateful life has worked out the way it has... otherwise my awesome seven would not be here, with me, about to celebrate Mother's Day!!! I'm so blessed and grateful!!!

Jesus decided WE ARE READY!!!

We saw the heartbeat!!!  124 and 126 beats per minute... I had her measure twice... Baby is measuring between 6 weeks 1 day and 6 weeks 2 days... Pat was relieved to see the heartbeat as he knew I was going to be devastated if it wasn't beating...Great news all around!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Is It Time?

I came across this poem while looking for the ultrasound photos of the baby that went to Heaven at @ 6.5 weeks in 2003...

It made me cry again today and I'm praying God has told our genetic child that yes, now is time... and their heart will be healthy and beating tomorrow at our ultrasound...

Is It Time?

A child sat on Jesus' lap in the splendor of heaven.

The child asked, "Is it time?"

Jesus parted the clouds, looked and said, "No, not yet child."

The child asked, "When will it be time?"

Jesus replied, "When lessons are learned, hardships endured, and loneliness lived, then it will be time."

Time passed.

The child asked, "Is it time?"

Jesus parted the clouds, looked and said, "No, not yet child."

The child asked, "When will it be time?"

Jesus replied, "When maturity is reached, self worth affirmed and spirits strengthened, then it will be time."

Time passed.

The child asked, "Is it time?"

Jesus parted the clouds, looked and said, "Their love is strong and their hearts are now open.  Yes, now is time- Your parents are ready."

-Author unknown

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sights, Smells, Oh My!!!

Now certain sights- such as this one from yesterday of a man cleaning out his beard and looking at whatever he pulled out of it- and smells- which I can smell from far away make me nauseated... greasy dishes- ugh!!!  I told Pat if all goes well at Thursday's Ultrasound, we are going to have to have a pregnancy talk about whay my tummy can handle and what it can't...

Food does not sound good most of the time... I am trying to eat as soon as something sounds good, because otherwise, almost immediately, it doesn't sound good...

I'm so, so tired... I want to sleep all of the time...

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I was full of energy yesterday for Lizzy's 1st Communion... staying up till 11 pm- then slept to 9 am, and took a nap at 11 am, got up took take the Middles and Littles to get new booster seats and car seats properly installed, took a nap about 4 pm and woke about 6 pm, made dinner, and now at 8 pm am EXHAUSTED and going back to bed, until I have to potty about 3 times before midnight...  Praying to see a healthy heartbeat on Thursday and willing to accept that we may not meet this baby until Heaven... also wondering is this baby will be healthy or will have Down Syndrome or another genetic condition... either way, we know God will give us what we need to provide for a special needs baby, if that is the case...

Off to snooze land!!!