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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Flustered By My Doc's Office...

This email to the office manager sums it up... Honestly, I cannot receive my test results until my doctor signs them???  Bull Shit!!!  I also call "power struggle" on the nurse who hasn't received my results yet- can't wait to double check a copy of the time faxed...  I'm just a little flustered...

Dear Tami,

After being told by Rachel on Monday @ 10 am that she had my lab results that were "stat" on Friday afternoon, but she could not release them to me until Dr. S reviewed them, I was a bit furious- why?  Because they are my results and I am the one paying for them... I asked if she would request another HCG and progesterone level to be drawn and she agreed to do so...

Two hours after speaking with Rachel, I returned to Quest and they did not have the order... luckily they called the office and finally received this... meanwhile I am paying a babysitter and my kindergarteners were late for school... since I had been informed that Dr. Simckes would not read my results until Tuesday, I canceled the STAT order for this order... I do not want to be charged extra for this service...

Today, when I called the office to get my results, Rachel reminded me the results were not available as I canceled the "stat" requirement... in my 15 years of infertility experience and many, many lab tests, Quest and formerly Smith Kline ALWAYS had the results the next morning without requesting STAT- regardless, Rachel said they were not faxed in yet, did not offer to check the computer as the kind nurse Mary Kay would do at the "old practice", etc... Rachel also informed me to office was closed on
Wednesday and I would not get my results until Thursday...

Given that I am now unable to receive my results until Thursday, I am requesting a pin number from Quest so that I can personally review my test results online...  I am attaching Quest's Welcome Letter in case you are not aware of this wonderful program...  In addition,
I am forwarding my "thank you" from Quest for being a "Become a VIP (Very Informed Patient): begin the process of getting your physician ordered lab results online." 

I am looking forward to receiving my pin number so that I can personally check for my results or receiving my results by the end of the workday today since the office is closed tomorrow.


Jen McLaughlin
Extremely Blessed Mom of Seven Adopted Miracles
2 Adopted Before Birth, 5 Adopted After Birth

The IVF coordinator did call yesterday with my amazing numbers... HCG: 1529 and Progesterone: 32!!!!

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