Our Miracle Blessing: Baby Kate

After adopting seven wonderful blessings, we were thrilled to find ourselves 15 weeks pregnant on our 15th Wedding Anniversary with "Our Miracle Blessing"!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

18 Weeks???

Could I really be 18 weeks pregnant???  The size of my belly tells me it's true... so does my desire to sleep... but not much else at this point... no movement... I'm feeling pretty good- other than it is literally 100+ here and has been for days.

I survived what I am referring to as our "stresscation" to Lake Michigan... 7 glorious nights with as Pat describes it..."a pregnant wife, crippled dog, and two crabby 18 moth olds..."   The first two nights Sarah literally screamed, cried "EEE, EEEE, EEEE", and rocked her pack and play for HOURS!!!!  The first night, Pat put shoes under the feet of the pack and play to keep it from scratching the hardwood floors as Sarah rocked it across the room...  Pat also discovered that Anna and Callie had late night conversations between Anna's pack and play and Callie's kennel- this was after Sarah finally passed out...

We have our big 19/20 week ultrasound on Monday @ 8am- still thinking boy...

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